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TEST Post-tensioning Ltd was established in 1998 in Taipei, Taiwan. We provide high-quality product and service for bridge industry more than decades, and recently expanded our scope to anti-seismic devices for bridge and building. We provide the best solution for ODM/OEM products.

Our products include PT system, structure bearings, LRB & HDRB, expansion joints, high tensile bar, damper, form traveler, and engineered system for special project.

Our business mission is to provide the high-grade and reliable solution for ODM/OEM products. Our company's demographic coverage not only cover projects in Taiwan but also projects in the Middle East, Australia, Norway, France, and Hong Kong for providing ODM/OEM products. Our own branded products also supplied to Syria.
We provide products with excellent quality and ensure our goods and service meet international standards and specifications. With our comprehensive experience derived from collaboration with European technical teams, we are able to provide useful solutions to overcome technical and/or operational problems during the design and/or construction phase.

Quality is our dedication to ensure strong customer service and customer satisfaction for all our ODM/OEM and TEST Post-tensioning Ltd branded products. In 2012, our company was certified for ISO 9001-2008, and are continuously aiming to meet the latest ISO 9001-2015 requirement.

In the end of 2018, our structure bearings (Spherical bearings & Pot bearings) been certified with CE certificate. It’s the certificate of constancy of performance in compliance with Regulation 305/2011/EU. Obtain the certificate shows TEST always dedicates in product quality, never stop for improvement.

We established a joint venture company "ETIC FAR EAST Engineering and Machinery Ltd" to further enhance our skills and product quality in the industry, with the prime focus for structural steel product fabrication and onsite installation division.

ISO Certificate

CE Certificate of Constance of Performance EN 1337

Pot & Spherical Bearing –

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